Find It in That

Ric Seaberg
Jonathan Mann


These days fly by
And the details are scarce
I keep my pillow dry
Most of the time
I can't be held responsible
For the list of things I don't recall
There's only so much room in my skull
Jus’ so much room

My mind plays tricks
I could’a sworn I brought a coat
Now I'm in the mix
With a cold, cold heart
I’m off to see the wizard who
Has holed up in a cozy room
Googling the whole night through
The whole whole night

What are you looking for
I don't think you'll find it in that
Find it in that

Just say yes
Say it over and over again
‘Til the bones in your chest
Are shaking with fear
It’s easier to fix the leak
When efficiency is at it's peak
The thoughts you think and words you speak
The words words words

And balls of holly up
Will make you go
Straight to the source
Well I'll be damned if I can glean
A meaning that remotely seems
Like anything excep’ between
Excep’ between

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