Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


Wish I was better at holding a grudge

Like angry people do

We'd never speak or drink some beers

And that would last for thirty years 

Cuz when you broke my heart today

And did not fix it right away

C'mon darlin’ be the judge

Does that not require a grudge?


Wish I was better at holding a grudge

Instead of letting go

Jimmy got mad in ‘93

And he still holds a grudge on me

Cuz when I wake up to the sun

I just want to love someone

But Jimmy does not want to budge

Jim knows how to hold a grudge!




I believed your love was true

But now ya tell me we are through

Maybe I won't feel so blue

And hold a long term grudge on you


Wish I was better at holding a grudge

Yeah that would take some guts

Keep a little more hate in my heart 

And think forgiveness sucks

Cuz when you gave your ring to me

That caused me such misery

But since I once gave you my love

I just cannot hold a grudge

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