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Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


It was a rainy day on Shilshole Bay, I was working at The Boathouse

Singing folksongs there 

That's when I got my call to start a bakery on the back roads of Oregon 

Near Portland town


It was my Silver City was rainy and windy 

It was foggy and cold on Puget Sound 

You get used to the weather and the summers are awesome 

And you can still plant dahlias...they grow like the weeds


Portland changed my life y’know, I bought a house in Rivergrove

And I started up that bakery by the sweat of my brow

And tho I longed for those Seattle days where Griffey and Martinez played 

I said I've got two kids and bills to pay ...this is my home now


I could feel the chill on Queen Anne hill when we used to visit Susan there

Above the bay

It was "81" and we sure had fun, rooting for the Seahawks... in the old Kingdome


The sky was claimed by Boeing planes, I could see them through the windshield

Of my old Vee Dub

And I drove that car, near and far

And finally down the 5 to Portlandia


Portland changed my life for good and that was 30 years ago

But I still miss Seattle from time to time

My children landed 'neath the skies where coffee's prized and Jimi lies

But me, I come from Portland, this is my home now


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