Pompous Ass By Circumstance

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Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


He was born into wealth in a city down south, 

With a nice gold plated silver spoon in his mouth

Every toy in the book pretty much unused 

And he spent a lot of time with this rich kid troops

He was a millionaire by twenty nine 

With all that old money coming down the line

So you can't really blame him, he didn't have a chance

He was bound to become.....

A pompous ass ........

by circumstance


He wore his little blue blazer to the grade school annex 

Where his parents had enrolled him in reading dynamics

He was six and he could barely reach the urinal 

but he could read with speed the Wall Street Journal (Jourinal)

While other kids played baseball Instead

He was tradin' online from his big boy bed

He went to fancy schools and all kinds of camps 

And so he became.... a pompous ass by circumstance





On the date he could drink, at 21 years 

He sent back the wine with the waiter in tears


He drove a Maserati to the high school prom

He took Brenda and Linda cause they were the bomb

He drove his daddy's yacht and once while starboard 

Had decided that he was going to go to Harvard

He partied hard at college, and then when he failed

He got a foot in the door down the block at Yale 

He's got a trophy wife and a house in France

He is a.....

Pompous ass by circumstance

 ad libs, out

"Hey gimme that dammit, it's MINE!"

"Get back in the car!"

"Hey did somebody hear me say "medium rare" on this steak?"

"I don't think SOOOO!"

"I said "medium well!!"

"Read my lips for godsake!!

"Did you buy that pink lipstick like I told ya Brenda or what??!"

"I Like the pink!! GET THE PINK !!!"

"Junior go get me the laptop" etc.

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