Big TV

Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


When Oprah’s on, or Dr. Phil, I try to be polite

And just because it hurts you so, I don’t turn on the fights

But when I'm cruisin' Costco, dot com-I can dream

What you don't need for girly a larger screen



I want a big tv!, surround sound and a real loud bass

Peyton Manning in my face, I want a big tv!





Well need to move that ol' antique  hutch

That ol' table you love so much

That's what I am talkin' about

I got a nice wall all picked out


So now you know, jus’ what I think, regardin’ this ordeal

I know you’ve asked, for 20 years, to tell you how I feel

Fire up the microwave, I bought a case of popcorn babe

When there’s a movie on 22, I’ll be curling up with you....


(Chorus 2)

(Last chorus)


I want a big TV

A flat panel in a box

T'watch the NFL on FOX

I want a big one,

A 50 inch one,

I want a big TV!!!


alternate name for Peyton Manning in chorus 2...Venus Williams

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