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Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


I need to get a camera, I need to get a tripod

I need to get camera, so I can take some images


I need to get a laser, or an ink jet printer

Lots of extra cartridges, so I can print my images



Images, 10,000 images

Images, saved to my hard drive

Images, I can view upon my desktop

10,000 images, I can look at anytime




I need some images, to put on my cd

I need some images, to transfer to my phone

I need some images, everybody’s got some

Some people say photos, I call’em images



(Last Chorus)

Images, 10,000 images

Images, of family and friends

Images, there is not a trace of red eye

20.000 images, I can view at anytime





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