The Remote Control Fart Machine

Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


When I put it by grandma it sounded so clean

When I put it grampa it caused a scene

When I put by brother he rolled his eyes

And when i put it by you that wasn't wise

It's a gas. I got glass. There's emissions coming out your ass

I didn't mean to be mean

But I just love my remote controlled fart machine 


When I put it by it Katie

It sounded so loose

Then I put it by Timmy, Bill and Bruce

I could see my sister was at a loss

It was a similar vibe when I got my boss




There's no silent but deadly to set it on

But the tear ass creepers are loud and long


So I took it on Sunday and said a prayer

Then I taped it behind the ministers chair

N when it blew humungous wet n warm

The whole congregation was transformed

It's a gas. I got class.

And when I set it by the pastors ass

I didn't mean to be mean

But I just love my remote control fart machine


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