Jesus Didn't Have A Car Payment Either

Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


(Companion song to "Jesus Didn't Have a Car" from Santa Monica CD)

Workin’ like a dog in Bethlehem,

No idea of things to come

Carry that weight and lift that wood

Later he’d be understood

But in those days he couldn’t go far

Since Jesus didn’t have a car

Thank god for a little breather....

Jesus didn’t have a car payment either!


Jesus had a winning way

People loved him from the start

Drawn to Jesus, drawn to see him

Put the horse before the cart

But in those days beyond the star

Jesus didnt have a car

But way before the days of Caesar

Jesus didn’t have a car payment either


Jesus went from town to town

Gathering a loyal flock

He had money, love and praise

And perfect credit all his days

But there were no romantic drives

No time to hug and squeeze her

Cuz jesus didn’t have a car but...

Jesus didn’t have a car payment either!

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