Daddy Is A Songwriter

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Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


Hey dad....I saw you on the tube last night

Singin’ Smokey Robinson

In a chair in our backyard

Oh and dad..... I said I like the songs you write too

And someday you're gonna write a hit song

That'll be grand

And take us all to Disneyland

Daddy Is a songwriter, a songwriter

We hear him in his room at night

Singin’ words any nut could write

Daddy is a songwriter


Hey dad...... we've grown up listening to your songs

When mom moved out........ you were prolific then

Oh and dad........ I said like the songs you dream up

And one day you're gonna write

A hit song, that'll be cool

And buy us all a swimmin’ pool....

Chorus, Solo

I like the one about baseball, I like the one about sky

But not the one about your broken heart

Or ratatouille pie


Hey dad, I heard you writin’ down the bones

Pouring out your heart

On that tinny ol’ guitar

Oh and dad,  I know you're busy now

But one day you're gonna write a hit song 

That'll be rude.....then maybe we could get some food!

Daddy is a songwriter, a songwriter

He's been writing songs for years

Songs that no one ever hears

Daddy is a songwriter, a songwriter

Boy I am really glad

That I am not like Dad

Daddy is a songwriter

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