I Need A Car

Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


I jus’ ran a mile to catch a bus

They say leave the drivin’ up to us

I sit down beside a funky smell

Who looks at me like I should go to hell


I need a car!…nothin’ too groovy

Somethin’ with wheels, somethin’ to move me

T’keep me away from where the wild things are….

I need a car!


I change places when I get the chance

I catch a strangers eyes in a fleeting glance

I smile warmly as I tip my hat

She replies..”hey! what are you lookin’ at?”






Somebody in the back starts smokin’

So the driver goes to see who’s tokin’

But when I bump him with my knee…

He transfers all his anger onto me!….



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