One More Honey Do

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Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


One More Honey Do

Ric Seaberg 2002


The sun comes up, and she gets dressed, I kiss her by the door

And then I hear that engine start like many times before

I walk into the kitchen and I grab my morning brew

I drink that coffee down as I review the honey dos


Don’t forget to wash the dishes, don’t forget to make the bed

Don’t forget to take the laundry down, and separate the red

Don’t forget to send the ‘lectric bill, I’m sure it’s overdue

And don’t forget I’m still in love with you


Don’t forget to walk the puppy, don’t forget to bake the roast

Don’t forget to clean the oven first, it’s gettin’ kinda gross

Don’t forget to send that gift to Mom, pick up the kids at school…

And don’t forget I’m still in love with you





Everyday can be a blur, of tying up loose ends

We cannot find the time we need with family and friends

And sometimes in our busy world, it’s hard to say it all!

So I appreciate that she reminds me when she calls…


Don’t forget to make the cupcakes, I think chocolate would be best

Don’t forget to rake the lawn again, that cherry tree’s a mess

Don’t forget to put the garbage out, and one more honey do.....

Don’t forget I’m still in love with you


Baby don’t forget I’m still in love with you!


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