The Hoarder Song

Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)



I can't smell that cat shit

Over by the door

Up and down the hallway

I don' smell it anymore

I keep my collections everywhere

Some are out in the yard

Now they say I have to clean it up

Man that's gonna be hard!


I am not a hoarder

Of tools and food and such

Cuz if I was a hoarder 

It wouldnt be worth much

And when I put these beer cans on eBay

These magazines and trolls

I'm gonna be a millionaire cuz that's jus' how I roll


I can't see the toxic mold

Creepin up the walls

Underneath these boxes full of

Telephones and dolls

I keep my collections close to me

All my special stuff

Now they say I have to clean it up

Man that's gonna be tough!





I haven't opened up that fridge

Since 1999

But it has all been cold

So I am sure that chicken's fine!


I can't let those bureaucrats 

Tell me what to do

I've spent many years collecting

Avon and shampoo

I keep collections all around

So careful where you go

You might disturb the skeletons

Of pets I used to know


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