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  • 03:50 Download Lyrics Everyday Is Christmas


    I love you on your birthday, as every year goes by

    I love you on St. Patrick’s...When there’s a rainbow passin’ by

    I love you on Thanksgiving, when football’s on TV

    But Everyday is Christmas, when you are here with me


    I love you on Columbus Day, when Fall returns again

    And later in October, when daylight saving ends

    I love you on Election Day, though we may disagree

    But Everyday is Christmas, when you are here with me




    This year I filled packages, and dressed them up so nice

    Some are wrapped in red and green,

    Some in stars and stripes


    I love you when you’re absent, on Independence Day

    I say my prayers and promise....anything to keep you safe

    I love you on St. Valentine’s, the chocolate and chablis

    But Everyday is Christmas, when you are home with me

  • 03:30 Download Lyrics Love Is What You Want (For Christmas)

    When Christmas comes and the lights go up

    And shops are showin’ their Christmas stuff

    Some people start dressin’ their puppies up 

    Red and green


    Shoppers try to avoid the rush

    And lines start formin’ at Toys’ r’ Us

    Just remember the greatest present of all....


    Love is, love is what you want to give

    Love is what you want to get

    Love is what you want





    Now when you gather around the tree

    The children settled at your knee

    You just started your cup of tea

    When someone needs a battery


    When Christmas is over the lights come down

    Sales are bringin’ the prices down

    There’s no more carollers hanging’ round

    In the mall


    Now we brave the winter weeks

    With brand new coats and rosy cheeks

    But Christmas comes to give us peace

    All year long


    chorus twice

  • 03:46 Download Lyrics However You Say It (at Christmas)

    You can say Happy Hanukkah, Holidays too

    You can say Happy Kwanza, or Merry Christmas you!

    However you say it, New York to Carmel

    I know what you're wishing me well!


    There are lights on our tree, you can see at night

    When I look at your house, I see candlelight

    And though we're not praying, in the very same way

    We honor our friendship, at the holidays 






    You drop by some cookies, traditionally

    And we drink a beer by the Christmas tree



    There's a game on tv this Hanukkah

    I see you outside in your yarmulke

    I straighten the Santa, outside by my chairs

    And tell you The Raiders just got crushed by the bears


    Chorus out

  • 08:20 Christmas with The Seabergs 1949

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