However You Say It (at Christmas)

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Ric Seaberg (Featuring Tim Ellis on guitars and J.P. Garau on keys)
(Ric Seaberg)


You can say Happy Hanukkah, Holidays too

You can say Happy Kwanza, or Merry Christmas you!

However you say it, New York to Carmel

I know what you're wishing me well!


There are lights on our tree, you can see at night

When I look at your house, I see candlelight

And though we're not praying, in the very same way

We honor our friendship, at the holidays 






You drop by some cookies, traditionally

And we drink a beer by the Christmas tree



There's a game on tv this Hanukkah

I see you outside in your yarmulke

I straighten the Santa, outside by my chairs

And tell you The Raiders just got crushed by the bears


Chorus out

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