Vehicular Tuneage

by Ric Seaberg

Released 2015
Released 2015
Rockin', catchy car songs. Think Randy Newman, Jackson Browne, Warren Zevon, Beach Boys.
  • 04:44 We Talk About Cars
  • 04:14 Little Volvo
  • 04:36 In My Daddy's Car
  • 03:41 Bitchin' Camaro
  • 03:36 Fix My Car
  • 04:37 That's One Hell of an RV Park
  • 03:25 In a Toaster Moon
  • 04:27 Don't Drive Your Car in the Bike Lane
  • 03:32 The Bichon Song
  • 03:52 I Don't Drive
  • 03:01 Jesus Didn't Have a Car
  • 03:31 Didn't Say "I Love You" Right
  • 04:20 King Omega LTD
  • 03:51 My New Truck
  • 03:14 I Need a Car
  • 03:58 Woodie
  • 04:54 Lyrics We Talk About Cars 2015

    The girls in the book group talk about feelings
    Politics and government, ethical dilemnas
    The girls in the book group talk about details
    Character development, dieting and travel
    Personal revelations, how they got their hair cut
    Tom and Patty's marriage, Sally's romance
    But over in the driveway, just before football
    The boys are sorta pensive, and if and when we talk….

    We talk about cars, some about fishin'
    Getting' more mileage from a manual transmission
    Cars!…To make the connection…we talk about cars!

    The girls in the book group talk about issues
    Worries on the homefront, what would make you happy?
    The girls in the book group talk about children
    Other people's problems, jobs and global warming
    Ob sessive and compulsive model train enthusiasts
    Oprah's new selection and Niki's new boss
    But over in the brew pub, sippin' up micros
    The boys are kinda quiet, But if and when we talk….

    We talk about cars! All across the nation
    How your plugs are firin' i s useful information
    Cars!… To make the connection, we talk about cars!


    We like to bond over bondo, it isn't right or wrong
    We share a common language, that's how we get along!

    The girls in the book group read between the crow's feet
    Searching for the meaning and shedding a tear
    The girls in the book group talk about lifestyle
    And choices people make about the way they live
    Arrogant and disgusting SUV drivers
    Menopausal moments and when to retire
    But over by the big screen snackin' on nachos
    There's no conversation but if and when we talk….

    We talk about cars! Anna Kournikova
    Stickin' new wheels on the 67 Nova
    Cars! To make the connection….
    We talk about….
    We talk about cars!! (repeat, fade)


I have no idea how I've come to write so many songs about cars. Although I must say that placing 2 of my songs on CarTalk compilation CDs may have inspired me some. After "We Talk About Cars" appeared on the CarTalk CD, it began to receive radio play on stations 'round the world. I kneel at the feet of CarTalk. So here is my own compilation CD, which includes the original "We Talk About Cars", and an updated 2015 version! Also included are 2 previously unreleased tracks!

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