Bible Scholar By Default

Ric Seaberg


Bible Scholar By Default

Ric Seaberg


My mother used to tell me that religion is a joke

“Religion is the opiate of ignorants” she’d poke

But you were one great neighbor!, whose ignorance was bliss

And just by being friends with you I picked up that and this:


Oh, Mary was a virgin..... Joseph was her man

Jesus was a carpenter but he had larger plans

You said “There’s a higher power 

We should worship and exalt!”

And that’s how I became 

A Bible Scholar By Default


We’d go pickin’ berries in the summer for some bread

Workin’ down the rows you’d tell me “Jesus raised the dead!

Cleansed the sinners! There’s a record of it on a scroll!”

And maybe I should take Lord Jesus into my own soul


Oh, Mary was a virgin..... Jesus without sin

Judas was the knucklehead who turned The Saviour in

When you take his name in vain, you risk a thunderbolt

No “Jesus Christ!!!!” when you’re 

A Bible Scholar By Default




So thank you for your kindness, in teaching me the words

Mother was a sweetheart but her vision slightly blurred

Cuz I became a Christian, underneath the Monkeypod

As you recited passages about the Lamb of God


Oh, Mary was a virgin, when Jesus came to Earth

(I still have misconceptions when it comes to virgin birth)

But you were there to guide me as we sipped our shake or malt

And helped me to become 

A Bible Scholar By Default


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