Diet Resolution

Ric Seaberg


Ric: "In 1980, I was operating Richard"s Bakery in Tualatin, Oregon, with my first wife Donna, which was inside a grocery store. I had leased a space and actually built a bakery with all the equipment including a 24 pan revolving gas fired oven, within the walls of the grocery store. At first, we just used our own cash register to ring up our products, but in time the grocery store owner and I agreed that the grocery store clerks would be allowed to ring up Richard's products at the grocery store check stands, and Richard's would receive credit for these sales since the clerks would hit a special key which would then record the bakery sale. But it made me nervous. So I was always reminding the clerks, (tactfully of course) to please be sure to correctly ring up the bakery sales. Sometimes, I would post a poem in the lunchroom!"


Egad!, the busy season's o'er, the fruitcake sold too fast!

We hope you had nice holidays, cuz we sure had a blast!

But now, the party's over gang, and resolutions made

No doughnuts, danish, pies or cake, no Coke or lemonade!

No creamy bismarcks, plump and full, are dripping down my chin

No way are German chocolate squares prescribed to make one thin

So I stick close to healthy stuff, Top Ramen, Macs and fries,

And M and M's are so darn small, they couldn't hurt you guys!

so we wait patiently right now, for business to come back

Cuz soon we'll see a new return to doughnuts in the sack!

And now, while things are slowish, PLEASE!, remember Richard's crew

It's hard to pay the bills right now, and boy I've got a few!

Thanks everyone for ringing up our bakery goods in fairness

We thank you for YOUR business too, and for your kind awareness

So come on over, eat a bar, forsake that doggone diet!

We love to serve you special treats, especially when you buy it!!!



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