Forgotten Condiment

Ric Seaberg


Forgotten Condiment

Ric Seaberg


I use it on the Polish, the wienie and the brat

And dogs they sell at Costco

Beside the parking lot

I spritz the yellow mustard

And pack the bun with kraut

But I don't start to wheel my cart

And leave the store without

THE RELiSH! Whom some have said

Has started its descent

I said THE RELiSH shan't be a

Forgotten condiment!


Not on my watch, no sirree,

Bob, or Steve or Gladys

No we're not talkin' lutefisk,

radicchio or haggis!

I hold that dog right below

The Costco crank contraption

And extrude upon that kosher tube

A line of relish action!


Forgotten condiment??!! Pshaw!!

Don't even get me started!

So flavorful and crunchy!

Spicey sweet and tarted!

And though I'll say I love the sweet

Some folks prefer the dilly

THE RELiSH is the topper!

To leave it off's jus' silly!


So restaurants! Ball parks! Food cart lots and other types of venues!

Don't do something crazy like eliminate from menus......

THE RELiSH! Have you lost your mind? We relish folks resent...

That you you might call... The best of all!...

Forgotten Condiment!


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