Halloween at Favorites Bakery 1992

Ric Seaberg


Halloween at Favorites Bakery 1992


Fall springs to life! We’re blessed with rain!

This summer’s drought is on the wane.

I’m thinkin’ ‘bout some pumpkin sweets~

Like doughnuts, cakes, and other treats.

Cuz soon the howling comes to town

To haunt us as the leaves turn brown.

And we’re here bustin’, off the leash…

Cuttin’ pumpkins, bakin’ quiche~

For goblin’ parties, office klatches.

Major King Omega batches!


Yes, we’ll be down here at our post,

While you’re still dippin’ cocoa toast.

Oh Halloween! You’re nearly here!

A time for Mars and Musketeer!

You’re thinkin’ hard for something cool

For kids to wear at night or school.

No Mom! That’s lame! Just not hip.

Could we just make a K-Mart trip?

I wanna mask that’s real scary,

Monster bloody, gross, and hairy!


Who’ll walk the kids? Who’ll man the doors?

And greet the little caramelvores?

Yes, here at Faves, we wish you well,

And that your Halloween is swell!


So when the kids are off to bed, 

Tired, but wired, confection heads….

You kick back…you grab some coffee,

No need to covet Junior’s toffee!

You’ve planned ahead! You’ve got your own!

You stopped at Faves to save a scone!


So gobs of ghostly, ghoulish cheer!

And THANKS for stuff you buy in here!


Ric Seaberg, proprietor

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