Halloween in Portlandia

Ric Seaberg


Halloween in Portlandia

Ric Seaberg


It's prolly no mistake that "scary"

Rhymes so well with Cemetary

I just passed Portland's own "Lone Fir"

And felt a chill, but I prefer

To dwell on thoughts of those who've died

Who are those cats whose bodies lie

Buried deep inside the clay?

And who if you need DNA

To solve a murder, rape or heist

Must be exhumed and buried twice?


Portland's pioneers and mothers

Businessmen and others, brothers

Sisters, doctors, doughnut fryer

Grocery clerks and Ol' Fred Meyer


Yes on this Halloween......a pity

That all those peeps who built our city

Even though now somewhat scary

Shall not brunch with Fred or Carrie

And shall not see this lovely prize

A Portland fully realized


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