Homage to Fromage

Ric Seaberg


Homage to Fromage

Ric Seaberg


I grab my wallet. Need some scratch!

We're off to see another match

Oh yeah, that's soccer, “match” I mean

I’m talkin’ Blazers!, that’s our team!

He shoots, he scores! Another three!

Jump ball! Ref's blind, apparently!

I'm hungry! Time for junk food guys!

Chicken wings and curly fries

Barbecue and ice cold beer

Don't they have hot dogs in here?

Suhweet! Big Polish dogs without....

So I stack mine with mustard, kraut!

Pickled cabbage, o'er the top

I start to eat and cannot stop

They're bad for you, all fat and gristle

While kraut may make your buttocks whistle

But I'll not flinch when sometime later

I climb into the elevator

And then smell rancid, gaseous fumes

Whilst stuck inside that tiny room!

I hold it back, and make my choice

And adamantly raise my voice!

Hark I say! And try to squeeze...

Which one of YOU has cut the cheese??!


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