How Art Works

Ric Seaberg


How Art Works
Ric Seaberg 

Most things he does in natural ways,
Dips his eggs in mayonnaise,
Folds his hands up when he prays,
But he runs like a fish

Plays guitar behind his head,
Keeps a clock beside his bed,
Paints his bathroom orange and red,
But he runs like a fish

Oh people like his normal smell,
Old Spice, steak, and Taco Bell,
And walking, oh!, he does so well!
But he runs like a fish

He butters up his toast with jam,
Tips his hat! Says "Thank you ma'am",
Pays his tax to Uncle Sam,
But he runs like a fish

So don't you think he's just like you!
And views the world as others do,
For that would be to misconstrue!
'Cause he runs like a fish

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