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Ric Seaberg 


The yard, you say, is parched and brown

"Come, bring that hose and sprinkler down-

Bring the wand that sprinkles plenty

The one one holds, with settings many"

"Aye-aye, dear wife, I'll lug the hose

So you may nourish Austin rose

And basil, see, it too needs drink

And even succulents, I think"

"Thanks dear, now sit and drink your Coke

And I shall now commence to soak

The Daphne, Snaps, Crocosmia

Banana, beans and Stevia

And you shall not be asked to spray

A single plant, of ours today

For I have seen you, through the glass

Use "JET!" you brute, have you no class?!

We never spray the plants with settings, 

Full, or Hard, and NEVER Jettings

These plants want soaker, spray and mist

Their leaves and branches, softly kissed

"But, honey, I am sensitive!

I know the plants, how much to give!

Some say my thumb is green, not tan

And I can garden, for a man!

So let me use the setting "JET"

I shan't disturb the plants or get

A big hole going, showing roots

But JET can reach the bamboo shoots

The vines and trees shall all be wet

As I spray upward from the deck

a gentle rain falls soft and free

The gentleman, with sprinkler, ME!

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