Kudos to Step-Dad from Real Dad

Ric Seaberg (approx. 1990)


When we first met, I must admit

I raised one eyebrow high.

My ex-wife's beau-

My heart said NO!

You cannot like this guy!


Then as I watched you drive away

With wife, and my kids, Dad.....

I'll cop to my perception

That you must be someone bad.


Now time has passed and you're still there,

My children grown before you.

And I give thanks, for I have seen 

Them love you and adore you.


For in Life's Broadest Picture,

You've been my ally, friend.

You've done my parenting for me 

When I could not attend.


Now motherhood's the Greatest Task

A woman can perform-

And if we lovers make good Dads

We help them brave the storm.


So thank you from the bottom 

Of my heart, you've my esteem!

You've given of yourself....

A crucial member of the team!


You've stood your ground on issues

In the absence of my spirit.

You subbed for me and listened

When you did not want to hear it.


So, Step-Dad, Real-Dad kudos!

Proud men salute you, dude!

Good Kharma lives in guys like you...

In me, deep gratitude.

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