My Status About Our Dog

Ric Seaberg


My Status About Our Dog
Ric Seaberg

Sometimes I think about demise
But being 63 and wise
I won't care much when things go black
Cuz when you die, you don't know jack

But those who stay to carry on
Without your sonnets, since you've gone
That's who suffers, lovers, friends
And even your Mercedes Benz
Left to loved ones, young and old
Will eventually be sold

I've got one dog who stays with me
Ten years old and worry free
But since her diagnosis came
Things 'round here aren't quite the same
So here's a prayer for that good dog
Named in song, poem and blog...

Now I lay me down to sleep
By the dog I wish to keep
But if she dies before I wake
I pray the Lord will serve her steak

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