My Universal Truth List

Rc Seaberg


My Universal Truth List
By Ric Seaberg

1. It is best to be kind to everyone. You might sometimes find yourself caring more about yourself than others. Try to resist that. Give more. Especially to the infirm or disabled.

2. Work hard and get a lot of shit done. It'll give you confidence and set an example. And all that shit'll be done.

3. It is not wise to jump bones on your friend's wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend. You'll make someone you care about feel terrible and lose faith.

4. It is a really good idea to plant trees. So if you have room, plant some. But make wise variety choices. Like don't plant an apple tree in your parking strip.

5. Drive safely. You wouldn't want to kill someone who doesn't deserve to die. Like don't drive when it's icy, and NEVER follow too close.

6. If you are a carnivore, it is best to be thankful for the meats you eat and support efforts for ethical treatment of animals that we eat. Show some respect for the gift of meat.

7. When you borrow money, a tool, something, return it ASAP. It is fine to borrow. It is not fine to not return what you borrow.

8. If you are charged with taking your wife's laundry to the cleaners, don't take it to Goodwill by mistake.

9. Everyone should know how to make a decent Pizza from scratch.

10. Play sports and encourage children to play sports. Sports teaches so much about getting along with others and coping with disappointment.

11. It is best to not gossip, and to not be unfairly critical of others. Like never say, "you drink too much coke that's why you're fat". People can figure that stuff out on their own.

12. It is best to have a smart phone. But don't text while driving.


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