Ric Seaberg

September 2014


I nearly croaked in double aught

The farm for sale, and almost bought!

And all those years I rose at 3...

Irrelevant...but wait, you see…

I drove myself (it was much quicker)

And in ER they fixed my ticker


Tonight I scooped up foil wrappers

Off the carpet, since the yappers

Found them scrunched upon the table

And pulled them down because they're able

The fragrant chocolate residue

Is something that they must review


And crawling round upon my knees

I heard myself say "Honey please!

Feel free to fix your chocolate jones

But give these wrappers better homes"


Which led me to begin to think

About those treats like cocktail drinks,

Doughnuts, pastries, cakes and pies,

Naughty foods like shakes and fries

And I would say with all my heart 

We must allow the mousse and tart

Cream puff, Danish, rich ganache

To be the foods we sometimes nosh!


Moderation, yes!, for sure

But never let your diet blur 

Some pure enjoyment of these sweets

For one day, when your life completes

You may just want to look back then

And gratefully remember when 

You went ahead and broke some laws

And chowed that quart of Haagen Dazs!

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