What It's Like at 65

Ric Seaberg


What it's like at 65

Ric Seaberg

First, I rise to start the day
And make some coffee right away
I'm grateful that I'm still alive 
That's what it's like at 65!

I text my kids and grandkids too
My grandkids call but don't get through
They leave a message full a'jive
That's what it's like at 65!

I walk the dog, this day in June
She gets her groom on pretty soon
There's chores for me to do inside  
That's what it's like at 65!

I knuckle shake my son in bed
I kiss my wife and then I head
Out to the van to make the drive
That's what it's like 65!

Later, I'll stop at Lloyd Center
Then do some stuff for Jan, my renter
Take a nap, and then revive
That's what it's like at 65!

The NBA has finished so
It's FOOTBALL pretty soon yaknow!
The Ducks and Seahawks will arrive!
And I'll be there, at 65!

And thank you friends, for cheering me!
With happy birthday wishes, see?
Check it out, a guy can thrive!
Even when he's 65!

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