When It's My Birthday!

Ric Seaberg


During my 20 years of owning a bakery, one thing that was especially fun was my birthday. I would come to work, and oh, cool, there are 15 orders on the hook for "Happy Birthday" cakes. "Happy Birthday Beth", "Happy Birthday Bill", "Happy Birthday L'il Weenie Legs", whatev. Some years I had a cake decorating staff, some years I myself was involved in that department, actually doing the decorating. In truth I am not a very talented cake decorator, but I learned well how to make icing roses, shell borders, the technical stuff, and I was fast. So I could hold my own. But what was really fun on my birthday was going into the sales department when these cakes were being picked up. Sometimes I would introduce myself to some cute little 10 year old, or any other celebrator really, and tell them I really enjoyed decorating their cake, because, well, it's my birthday too, high five! I think I wrote this ditty to be used in an advertisement in the local paper.


When It's My Birthday!

Ric Seaberg


June's the time I get to cheer!

My own fine Birthday Month is here.

My kids bring gifts-we make cool food-

I sit and cherish all my brood.

My friends stop by and leave a wish-

I serve'm up some funky dish....

Like strudel with chicken, cheddar, spices....

We drink and share our favourite vices.

Then, when we've had all we can take,

We sing a tune and cut the cake.

The texture's fine, the icing: GREAT!

I grab a piece 'fore it's too late.

I gloat at my dear friends cake-tripping

Their flying forks and fingertipping.


Yes, I've tried'em all, New York, in Spain!

In San Francisco, Paris, Drain!

But when I want the best--no fakery....

I buy one at my own dang bakery!


Lots-o-reasons for cakes in June!

Come get one!


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