Your Hallmark Card from Heaven Just Arrived in Me (Mother's Day 2015)

Ric Seaberg


I know how much you love me
I know how hard you tried
To keep a smile upon my face
To be my friend and guide
Protecting me from peril
And other kinds of help
You lifted me when I was down
And made me love myself
I didn't try to die on you
But I was very sick
I lasted for a lifetime though
And through the thin and thick
You helped me see the brighter side
And educated me
You helped me to achieve my goals
Be all that I could be!
You always thought it special
How I never did complain
Why would I with a mom like you
To love and entertain!
We laughed together! Found the joy!
In sunshine and in rain!
My life was great! You made it so!
Thanks Mom! I love you!



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