I Almost Lost It

Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)



I don' remember how it started but I know it made me sore

Something about the mess in the kitchen 

Or leavin' my clothes on the floor

I was thinkin' there might be a hundred objections on her list

Seems like a perfect example of love gone hit and miss


I shoulda tempered my negative voice and the fire in my eyes

I know hollerin' won't cure nothin' and I shouldn't dis my bride

Someday I might push too hard and that would jus' be wrong

And I would be the loser if one day I found her gone



When I almost lost it I was mad, when I almost lost it, it was bad

And when the tears came to her eyes, I acted like I was surprised

Then I knew I'd made a big mistake

And I knew her heart might start to break

And because I let my anger stick, I almost lost it



Well, if I learn this lesson now, our love can still be strong…

And "What's So Good About Goodbye" is still a damn good song


When I almost lost it I was mad, when I almost lost it, it was bad

And when I saw the house tonight, I prayed I'd see my friend, my wife

She came outside to greet my car, I didn't have to search that far

And when she fell into my arms

I almost lost it,

I almost lost it


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