A Certain Level of Luckiness (original version)

Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


Here is the original version of my song, "A Certain Level of Luckiness". The final studio version of this song appears on my CD of the same name from 2015. This version was recorded using an apogee "mic" for iPhone, and garage band for iPhone only. So fun. I keep my recording studio in my pocket. Here is my blogpost where I discuss the inception of the song and the original recording process: http://ricseaberg.blogspot.com/2013/02/a-certain-level-of-luckiness.html


When I met you, I was a broke down broken hearted middle age man

I thought to get you, that I needed somethin better than an average plan

But when I realized I didn't need a plan and you were gonna love me for who I am

That's when I traded my schmuckiness, for a certain level of luckiness


When I met you, I was a sad sack broken hearted lonely man

I thought to get you, well It might not be enough that I was in a band

But when I realized love was overdue and that you needed me jus like I needed you

That's when lightning struck I guess, and a certain level of luckiness





And now the years have come and gone but I know I can carry-on

Since you love me and you don't care, about those bald spots in my hair!


When I met you, I told a story of bad love goin’ wrong

And then I let you, know everything about me since I was born

And that's the way love oughta be...It's like I won the lottery

And drove away my loneliness, with a certain level of luckiness


Yeah with a certain level of luckiness


With a certain level of a'luckiness out

- See more at: http://www.ricseaberg.com/a_certain_level_of_luckiness_2015/#sthash.GifWvY39.dpuf

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