Don't Know What You Got (2004 version)

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Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


Friday nights at the football game, 

Fresh tomatoes from your own back yard

Sayin' a prayer to your favourite God

And takin' a trip in the family car



You don' know what you got til it's gone

You don' know what you got til it's You

don' know what you got til it's gone


Risin' for work when the sun comes up

Stoppin' for coffee on the way to town

Havin' some luck at the fishing hole

And holding hands while the sun goes down




Now freedom has a certain ring

And justice is the plan

Men and women living free

That is our philosophy!




(Last Verse)

Casting your vote on Election Day 

Believing in a land that's free

Planning your life with the one you love

And speaking up when you disagree


(Chorus, fade)



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