Freaky Irrational Whiner

Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)



She was a freaky irrational whiner

He was a teacher at the school

They drank a lot of wine on Sunday

And then they lounged around the pool

He kept his iPad on Wells Fargo

So he could pay his bills on time

Now they are both inebriated

While he listens to her whine 


And she'd say honey my coffee was cold today

The flu I've been having won't go away

All of the streets in this town are just hell

The fridge is a mess, we'll get Taco Bell

The kids all got cees on their cards again

I thought Denise was my very best friend

She is beautiful and he knows she's his

But she's a whiner

And that's how it is


She was a freaky irrational whiner

He was a part time volunteer 

At the county fire department

Where the guys would sit and leer

When she would bring his lunch on Friday

All the men would sit in line

And feast upon her beauty

While they listened to her whine


And she'd say

Traffic is nasty and parking is slim

I walked several blocks with this Reuben for him

Where did our summer go

Then she would state

It's getting dark early, sunrise is too late 

How can you guys make these

Fire trucks shine 

Yet the bathroom downstairs has been hit with a mine

She is beautiful and she loves the kids

But she's a whiner

And that's how it is




 freaky freaky freaky

Irrational whiner

freaky freaky freaky

Irrational girl 

freaky freaky freaky

Irrational whiner

living in a rational world


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