Good Teeth

Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


I was standin’ with four women at a seminar

Holdin’ forth about a guy I knew

Well I must be entertaining when I jaw like that

Cuz their smiles were all comin’ through


I kep’ standin’ with four women at the seminar

Holdin’ coffee and a legal brief

Four successful women in their power suits

And they all had perfect teeth!!!!


Good teeth, good teeth....almost beyond belief

That’s when I realized the world is your candy store

If you only have good teeth!


Well, braces cost a fortune and it must be hard

For people with a jones for sweets

Cuz discoloring enamel brings a lot less love

than snickers and retreat


And the truth remains that people go further fast

With a smile and pearly whites

All straight and uniformly settled in their mouth

No over or under bites


Good teeth, good teeth

Consistent and complete

I have realized the world is your oyster bar

If you only have good teeth



There’s no moral to the story but the news ain’t great

If your fronts are shorn or missin’

Cuz in addition to acceptance that you won’t get....

There won’t be corn or kissin’!


Good teeth, good teeth

Are brushed right after treats

I have realized the world is a gourmet feast 

If you only have good teeth


Good teeth, good teeth

South, North, West and East

It’s a definite advantage if you are blessed

With a mouthful of good teeth

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