Home Again

Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


They said a change in the weather, was comin’ from the sea

A hurricane called Katrina, was tellin’ us to leave

Now it’s been four long days and we are without a crust of bread

I know my baby is hungry, when she looks at me and says


“When are we ever gonna get home again

When are we ever gonna see all our friends

When are we ever gonna get home again”


I know the nation is watching, all safe by their TV

We talk to lots of reporters, from FOX and NBC

And when a boat comes by and we join other refugees

Then I repeat the question, my daughter asked of me




Now all you folks in TV land, to oceans white with foam

We thank you for your kindness, and we are glad you have a home


But we may never get to go hame again

We may never get to see all our friends

We may never get to go home again


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