Hopes and Dreams

Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


I hope that you love me

And I dream that you do

When I'm out on the road well

I'm dreaming of you


I hope that you miss me

And I dream of a day

When I'll be in Portland

Not Monterey



You're all my hopes and dreams

Wrapped into one

Every last one a'them

Under the sun

Yes I dream we're together

That's what I hope

And when I'm so far away love

That's how I cope




Well today and tomorrow

There is so much to do

And my hopes and dreams for now and then rest with you


Verse 2

Well the rain in our home town

Gets a lot of bad press

But all the green in our back yard

Makes me feel blessed

And I dream of my chair there

And holding your hand

Sipping our coffee

And being your man


Chorus twice

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