I Can Love You and I Can Hate You

Ric Seaberg
Jonathan Mann


I Can Love You and I Can Hate You

Jonathan Mann 

Published on Oct 20, 2013

There's a couple arguing in the bagel shop... It's the first real day of fall
They got suitcases and backpacks on It sounds like they hit the wall
Oh lordy it sounds like they hit the wall

You're the one that's being insensitive
Yeah but you're just not understanding

He gets up and walks away....she's left with no words to say
And I wish you were there with me
So I could tell you how I know we'll be
Cuz I can love you and I can hate you and I can love you
And I can hate you (repeat)

My shrink always told me that arguing.....was necessary and good
Better to let each other know how you feel....than to keep it all under the hood...

Oh lordy don't keep it all under the hood

Well I've been afraid to say how I feel....In a way that's forceful and strong
But now I say that I'm not scared.... t’yell real loud into the air
We get mad and then we laugh........ It's all part of what we have

What is it about being out in public.....that makes couples fight?
We always seem to be waiting for the subway when somethin’ jus doesn't seem right
Oh lordy when somethin’ jus doesn't seem right

Oh I get the feeling down in my stomach you go quiet and won't look at me
By the time the train comes it's obvious that it's nothin’ at all whatever it was
And suddenly you're in my arms n’ I'm singing this song to you

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