I Love To Vomit

Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


If you run into this nutty song on my website, you can't just listen to it. You must go to the blog post of the same name so you can see that there is actually an innocent and fun reason for this song to be in the world. Please. Here: http://ricseaberg.blogspot.com/2011/12/i-love-to-vomit.html


I Love To Vomit

Copyright Ric Seaberg 2011


I like to go to a park I know and walk around on my hands

I like to sit on a stuffy plane when

I'm flying home from Japan

I never wash the germs from my skin

When I've used the loo

And once I ate a mint I dropped

That landed by some poo


Cuz I love to vomit, I love to hurl

Yes I Love to vomit....vomit's number one in my world


Washing my hands takes way too much time

There's more important things to come

I like to eat all the pot luck food

When it's set too long in the sun

I say t'ya giardia is just around the bend

And other types of bacteria

Are surely my best friend, when




Forget plain soap, and soap on a rope

Hand sanitizer's dumb

Oh I'm doin' flips, when I'm blowin' chips

What could be more fun, cuz


Cuz I love to vomit, I love to hurl

Yes I Love to vomit....vomit's number one in my world


Repeat out 


When you're really in luck 

It's time t upchuck

Drink water in the pool

Regurgitatins cool

Here's some more tips

Lick your dog on the lips

Eatin what he's snarfin could lead to you barfin 

What's all a yer chatter

It really doesn't matter

Whether or not

You drink somebody's pop

When the flu comes t' town

Pass it around!

It's gum, just do it!

Pick it up and chew it

What's totally cool is the 5 second rule 

Eat a lotta fries

Then go on some rides

What’s the fuss?

The porcelain bus

is yours t’drive

Sakes Alive!

When ya feel queasy

It’s so easy

t’forget the blues!

Ralph on your shoes!

Get down, get funky

Blow a little chunky!

I know you're on it

Cuz u love t’vomit!!!!!!!!

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