I Refuse to be Cocky

Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


My Professor Morris, back in my college days

Said I aced her physics class, I had earned an “A”

I said I did try hard this time, I never was behind...

But I refuse to be cocky, cuz she might change her mind


My sister is a sweetheart, not meant to be a snob

When she got rich she never told me, get a real job

She gave me her old car for free, but nothin’ has been signed

So I refuse to be cocky, cuz she might change her mind




Sometimes disappointment

Touches every man

But I won at the game of love

Slam dunk! thank ya’mam


And when I finally found her, waiting just like me

For love and understanding....and a little poetry

She says she will love me with forever underlined

And refuse to be cocky, but she won’t change her mind

Yes I refuse to be cocky, but she wont change her mind


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