Ric Seaberg
Jonathan Mann



Ojai  (Jonathan Mann)


She's got nothing in her heart.....She's got nothing in mind

She's sure to knock em dead ........ it's just another Saturday night In Ojai


She's got a bone to pick with him . he hasn't held her in 6 months

We used to envy her  She was insatiable once In Ojai



What an entrance  Every head turns   She's wearing her black dress now

With a head move  She can cut you........well I still pity her anyhow



Cuz this is all she's got ..... And she's so, so scared

Could be a big blood clot.......or  slipping down the stairs in Ojai 


She quits smoking every week  she's doing yoga by the pool

She's listening to Neko Case  She's trying so hard to be moved In Ojai 


She's sick of all the sun.....prefers anything to this

Rain or snow or sleet or hail.... But it's nothing but sunshine'n bliss in Ojai



Just beyond those hills..... lies a whole new world

She's just gotta do something drastic

She's getting in her car........ All the pomeranians bark

The Rolling Stones on the radio And she blasts it


cuz it's all she's got....here on the 101

she hears applause ........ she's gonna get as far away as she can

from Ojai

Repeat chorus, out

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