The Colonoscopy Song

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Ric Seaberg 2008
(Ric Seaberg)


My friend Tom says there

Can't be a song about

Takin' a peek at your gut

But my friend Tom is

Totally wrong cuz I

Just had a scope up my butt

Its a medical staple

I guess I should feel blessed

But maybe someday there will be a

Less invasive test!



NOW there is a song to sing

While your doctor does his thing


there could be a better way....

to look inside of me

Than c-o-l-o-n-o-s-coh-pee


My friend Tom says

There can't be a song about

A colonoscopy

But my friend Tom will admit

He's wrong when he's watchin' the DVD

Of my complete inspection


Every corner clear and bright

To the song he made me write!





I didn't mind the liquids

No food for a day

Bring on the morphine drip

But sing me a tune while you're doin' it

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