The Sweet Territory of Silence

Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


I had a job up the street today, somebody’s building a house

I fixed the door and an old fence gate, no one ever lubricates!

I ate my lunch on the backyard deck, while contractors broke up cement

And as I sat with food and drink I could not hear my own self think


I need some sweet sweet territory some sweet territory 

I need some sweet sweet territory ....some sweet territory of silence


I rode the bus into town last week my telephone’s on a losing streak

Was hoping they'd replace it free, and give a brand new phone to me

And as I walked inside the store, three hundred voices maybe more

Asking questions about their toys, why do they have to make such noise?



Maybe there's a place for me where quiet is the norm

Cuz when the decibels exceed, that's the real estate I need


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