A Little Bit of Your Love

The Morning Reign


A Little Bit of Your Love

Seaberg/Heliker 1969


A little bit of your love is all I need to get high

Don’ wan’ no weed but it’s you I need to get by

Come on over Kath, and pull me outa the bath

Anything for a laugh, a little bit of your love


It’s where I’m at and I can’t fight that anyway

Love you so, use my rock and roll to say

Anything you can do, never makin’ me blue

I’ll somersault for you, a little bit of your love



It’s been hiding inside of my soul

Until now it had no place to go

Now I’ve time to be all you want me to be.....



Drum break

Listen to my drum, can you hear my soul

Dig my bassman mama, listen to my rock, rock n’ roll

You got to hear my music say, I’m gonna love ya more everyday

A little bit of your love, little lady, is all that I need


Verse 3 and ad lib

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