That's One Hell of an RV Park

Ric Seaberg
Ric Seaberg


I see a tube top walkin by the laundromat

I see an airstream shinin in the sun by that

There's some nice new trees and a blacktop road

We got a ice machine and a couple hoes

There's a grocery store jes a block away

Where I take the kids on Saturday

We got rules so don let your Bichon bark

Oh that's one hell of an RV park


There's a real nice pool with a changin room 

and they say were gonna get a new hot tub soon

There's a big recycle by a pretty lawn

And Jon Bon Jovi on the intercom 

You can walk to the mall,

fish in the sea

Or get a dry martini from the lady in three

There's lights on the walk so you can see after dark

Yeah that's one hell of an RV park



Oh well on Friday night by the cyclone fence

We watch the high school game commence

My neighbor Dennis is kind of a creep

But I won sixty bucks off his mom last week


There's a big wide driveway t'bring in your rig

By the managers permanent RV crib

Sign a few papers, pick out your site

Take off your hitch and spend the night

We got a real nice garden where you can sit

By a weeping willow with rhodies n'shit

There's a gazin ball, cuz it adds to the art

Yeah that's one hell of an RV park

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