Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


Don’t say I never say “I love you”

You know there’s no one else above you

Hey Rocky Butte now there is some view!

Where I discovered that I love you


Don’t say we never go out dancin’

Don’t say ya need some more romancin’

Don’t say I’m never touchy feely

Cuz my heart is frajeely



I would never keep a girl-talk stop-watch down by the tube

When you’re watchin’ television I don’t approve

I keep my mouth shut, shut up when I’m on the throne

And you decide to call me down t’plug in your phone!





Don’t say I make the coffee funky

I thought you liked it kinda chunky

Don’t say it’s tastin’ kinda mealy

Cuz my heart is frajeely



Don’t take me walkin’ on a 10 K

Unless we’re walkin’ with that Ben Gay

It sounds a little unappeally

Yeah my heart is frajeely!


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