If I Could Be A Geek

Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


Tight sweaters and blue jeans....that’s what Debi wore

I remember her clothes piled up in the middle of the floor

But that was back in high school when I had a great physique

Oh I don’ know what happened but now she’s livin’ with a geek


If I could be a geek then I might get her back

Cuz I would write some famous software

If I could be a geek I’d be so debonair

and know computer speak

If i could be a geek


Debi likes her shoppin’.......Debi likes her tan

Debi digs her Lexus and she digs her geeky man

Well if I enroll in computer school then

She’d remember me

And I would know the difference between a 

Mac and a PC


If I could be a geek I’d drive a worthless car

and wear a plastic pen protector

If i could be a geek I’d have a dandruff shirt

and wear it every week

If i could be a geek



I would be a millionairre, and tip the maitre’ d

I’d know Linux, and he’d know me


If i could be a geek i’d live in Washington 

and build a house upon a lake there

If I could be a geek I’d get my girlfriend back

My life would be complete

If I could be a geek


I could be the kind she wants to keep

If I could be a geek

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