See You At Night

Ric Seaberg
(Ric Seaberg)


When I awoke in the morning, if not by myself

I’d say what state were you born in?

Or anything else....anything else


I see your face in the daylight

And when we meet in the sun, bright

I stroke your hair with my eyesight

but if I had you in bed

Then I could see you at night


When I get home from some fishin’, that’s when I skid

I’d be a better musician if, you’d stay the night at my crib

Stay at my crib





I would hold you in my arms 

And you could scratch my back

But we won’t get to feel those things

Until we hit the sack




Last Chorus


I’d see your face in the nightlight

Like I’m a prince and your Snow White

I’d kiss your lips in the moonlight 

Oh if I had you in bed

Then I could see you at night

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